Industrial Carburetors
and Carb kits

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Holley model 1940 Click to Enlarge Holley model 1940 Click to Enlarge
1 Holley Model 1940 1Bl
Industrial Carburetor Rebuild 1217

2 Holley Model 1940 1Bl
Industrial Carburetor Rebuild 1216

Carter Ball & Ball 1Bl Click to enlarge Holley Carburetor model 1904 Click to enlarge  1904
3 Carter Model B & B 1Bl
Industrial Carburetor Rebuilt

4 Holley carburetor
model 1904

Zenith 1bl electric choke and electric throttle Click to enlarge Keihin industrial new carburetor Click to enlarge
5 New Zenith Model 33 Carburetor
with Electric Choke & Electric throttle

6 New Keihin Industrial
Replacement Carburetor

Repalcementr carburetor Replacement carburetor holley
7 Universal replacement for
Holley 1904 and 1908
8 Universal Replacement carburetor for
Holley 1904 and 1908
International Harvester gasket kit Click to enlarge

9 Carb Kit - International Harvester
M-MV & 6 Series. 1-1/4" & 1-3/8" Updraft

10 Carb Kit - British Zenith
Model 30VNN

Farmall Tracktors International Harvester gasket kit Click to enlarge Holley Up draft 1bl Frod tracktors  gasket kit Click to enlarge

11 Carb Kit -- International Harvester
IH Farmall Tracktors F12 & F14

12 Carb Kit - Holley Updraft
# R4111 & R8554 For Ford Tractors

International Harvester up draft model H & HV and 4 series gasket kit Click to enlarge Marvel Schebler madel DLTX gasket kit Click to enlarge

13 Carb Kit -- International Harvester
H & HV and 4 Series 1" Updraft

14 Carb Kit - Marvel Schebler
Model DLTX

Zenith carb kit click to enlarge Nikki Carburetor Kit

15 Zenith Carb kit TU4C

16 Nikki Carburetor Kit

Zenith Model 68 kit
Zenith Carburetor Kit Model 33

17 Zenith Carb Kit Model 68

18 Zenith Carb Kit Model 33

Solex Marine Carburetor Kit Holley carburetor kit model 4000 or T-pot  cliclk to enlarge
19 Solex Carb Kit Marine 44PAI 20 Holley T-pot model kit
Mercarb Carburetor Kit Click to Enlarge Mercarb Carburetor Click to Enlarge
21 Marine Mercarb Carburetor Kit 22 Marine Mercarb Carburetor Kit
Holley 1904 carb kit click to enlarge
Kohler carburetor kit Click to enlarge
23 Holley Model 1904 carb kit 24 Kohler Carb kit
Zenith carburetor Kit Model A 1932 Zenith Carburetor Kit Model A 1928-31 Click to enlarge
25 Zenith Model A carburetor kit For 1932 Year 26 Zenith Model A carburetor kit For 1928-31 Year
Holley 1940 carb kit click to enlarge Carter AFB kit Click to enlarge
27 Holley 1940 Carburetor kit 28 Carburetor kit for Carter AFB
Edelbrock and marine carburetor
Carter BB industrial Carburetor Kit Click to enlarge

29 Carter Model BB
industrial carb kit

30 Zenith carburetor
kit model 28ADA
Marvel Schebler carburetir kit click to enlarge Zenith kit model 228 click to enlarge

31 Marvel Schebler Carburetor kit

32 Zenith carburetor kit model 228

Carter W1 Carburetro kit click to enlerge

33 Carter W1 carburetor kit

Holley Flloat 19400 Model  click to enlerge

34 Holley float 1940 model

Rochester carburetor kit model B click to enlarge Holley carburetor Kit 3bolt mount model 94 click to enlarge

35 Rochester Carburetor kit 1bl
model B

36 Holley Carburetor kit 2bl
model 94

Zenuith model 267 click to enlarge Zenith carburetor kit LPG click to enlarge

37 Zenith carburetor
kit model 267

38 Zenith carburetor
kit for LPG

Zenith pony motor TU4C Zenith Model 267 carburetor click to enlarge

39 Zenith carburetor
model TU4C pony motor

40 Zenith carburetor
model 267

Zenith carburetor model 87 side draft click to enlarge  

41 Zenith carburetor
model 267


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